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About Us

About Us

Experienced Professionals Committed

to Your Financial Future

Welcome to Williams Financial Group – your trusted partner to meet your financial goals.

At our core, it's all about you. We're committed to understanding your dreams, tailoring solutions to your specific goals, and ensuring you feel confident and secure every step of the way. We're here to make your financial journey as unique as you are and as rewarding as you deserve. Join us, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.

Our Process

Initial Information Gathering Meeting

Begin your financial journey with an in-depth consultation, where we gather essential insights to lay the groundwork for your personalized financial roadmap.

Develop a Customized Plan

Crafting a tailored financial strategy starts here. Our team meticulously designs a plan that reflects your unique aspirations, ensuring a solid foundation for your financial future.

Monitor Progress Over Time

Stay on track with regular check-ins and continuous monitoring. We keep a close eye on your financial progress, making adjustments as needed to ensure your goals are within reach.

Meet Our Team

Jon  Williams

Jon Williams

Portfolio Manager, CFP, CIM | Manulife Wealth Inc. Life Insurance Agent | Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

Rebekah  Hunter

Rebekah Hunter

Administrative Assistant | Manulife Wealth Inc.

Meghan  Andrusiak

Meghan Andrusiak

Administrative Assistant, Manulife Wealth Inc.

David  Baker

David Baker

Insurance Advisor, Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

Terri  Williams

Terri Williams

Marketing Assistant | Manulife Wealth Inc.

Building Strong Relationships and Delivering Personalized Solutions

We're here to assist you in building a secure financial path tailored to your goals. We understand that your financial journey is unique, and our team is dedicated to understanding your specific aspirations and needs.

We believe that a strong partnership with you is at the core of financial planning. That's why we go the extra mile to provide you with exceptional service, expert advice, and ongoing support. We're always here to listen, answer your questions, and offer guidance every step of the way.

At the heart of our values is the firm belief that you deserve to feel confident and assured about your financial future. Our range of services, from retirement and estate planning to protecting your family's well-being, is designed to empower you to live your life to the fullest.

Located Downtown London, ON

Conveniently located at the corner of Queens Ave and Colbourne. Take advantage of our designated client parking right at the front of the building, ensuring a hassle-free visit from the moment you arrive. We look forward to making your experience with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sets your financial services apart from others in the industry?

    Our commitment to prioritizing your individual needs and maintaining open communication truly distinguishes us. We orffer comprehensive expertise that is precisely tailored to meet your unique requirements. Moreover, our unwavering fiduciary responsibility sets us apart. As evidence of our dedication, the title of a Portfolio Manager requires one of the following designations: CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) or the CIM (Chartered Investment Manager). Notably, only 18.8% of Financial Advisors in Canada hold the CIM designation as of 2019, underscoring our commitment to the highest standards of financial stewardship.

  • How will you ensure that my specific financial goals and aspirations take top priority in the planning process?

    Your financial aspirations are not just a part of our process, they are the heart of it. We take the necessary time to deeply understand your goals through comprehensive discussions and assessments. Our services are meticulously custom-tailored to not only meet your unique financial objectives and expectations but also to align with your broader life goals. We take a holistic approach, and we consider various aspects, such as estate planning, life goals, health, and other non-financial implications, to craft a comprehensive plan that addresses all facets of your well-being.

  • What sets your approach to building relationships with clients apart, and how does this contribute to my overall financial well-being?

    We firmly believe that strong client relationships are one of the key to your financial success. Our emphasis on transparent communication, regular updates, and unwavering support allows us to understand your evolving needs, both financially and personally, contributing to your long-term financial well-being.

  • Can you provide an overview of the team's experience and qualifications?

    Our team members boast diverse industry backgrounds and hold various certifications, demonstrating their expertise in wealth management, financial planning, investment strategies, and insurance planning. Jon, our discretionary Portfolio Manager, holds one of the highest designation in the industry in Canada (CIM), and is Insurance licensed in Ontario.

  • How do you stay informed about the latest trends and strategies in the financial industry to provide the best guidance to clients?

    We are committed to continuous professional development, closely monitoring industry trends, and utilizing advanced research tools, so that you benefit from the latest insights and strategies in the ever-evolving financial landscape. Annual courses are mandatory for us to stay up to date with industry trends and changes.